VAIO MusicBox

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

VAIO MusicBox is an application for managing a music collection. The program uses 12-tone analysis technology that allows users to listen to their audio files according to mood. This technology assigns the songs in the library to one of the 24 preset channels in the program. Some of the present channels in the program include the following:

• Instrumental – songs with no vocals
• Party Time – songs with a high tempo
• Meditation – ambient and environmental music
• Lounge – jazz songs
• Extreme – intense rock songs

The songs are deconstructed into 12 tones to classify them into one of the channels. The tempo, speed, chord, melody, and key of the songs are analyzed, too.

VAIO MusicBox has a simple interface for easy operation. All the controls for the music player are found at the bottom of the window. The controls present on the window include the channel display, audio filter button, music channels preferences button, etc. Users can listen to music in three ways. Chorus Playback allows users to listen to a medley of song choruses from the music in the library. Mix Channel mode allows users to find songs that are related to the current song being played (same artist, year of release, album, etc). The last is by creating a playlist based on the user’s favorites. Songs can be added to the list of favorites by clicking on the ‘Favorite’ button during playback.