VAIO Movie Story

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

VAIO Movie Story is an editing application for creating photo slideshows, home movies, and video projects. Users can upload music, videos, and photos to the program’s library. Creating movies can be done in three steps. First, select the materials to be included in the video. Then, choose a template from the pre-made templates that come with the application. Lastly, click on the ‘Start’ button to start creating the movie. The program automatically creates the movie for the user.

VAIO Movie Story has a wide array of templates to choose from. Some of the categories include weddings, birthdays, sports, and travel. There are six templates to choose from under each category. Each template comes with matching special effects and background music, too. The program makes use of two technologies when creating videos. Eface recognition technology detects the face in the video or photo and makes sure that it remains in-frame throughout the movie, while the subject detection technology detects other subjects in the video/photo (flowers, pets, etc.). The 12-tone analysis tool recommends background music to suit the template. However, users can also import their own music to use.

The software has also has an analytic tool that groups photos in categories (smile, laughing, close-up faces, small groups, large groups). This makes it easier for the user to find a specific photo.