VAIO Media plus

Sony Corporation (Bundled)

VAIO Media Plus is a multimedia program that comes pre-installed in some models of Sony VAIO laptops. With VAIO Media Plus, users can manage and share photos, music, and videos easily. Users can watch content stored in their VAIO laptops on a large screen television or other devices through LAN. Users can also watch recorded television shows on the laptop by accessing the recording device and playing the media file on the computer. VAIO Media Plus features 12 Tone Analysis. The program can automatically make a playlist according to mood. Plus, there are 24 Music Channels to choose from.

VAIO Media Plus utilizes the XMB (Cross Media Bar) for locating audio-visual content on available servers. With this tool, users can easily search for content to play by scrolling horizontally or vertically. This is the same interface that is used on the Sony PlayStation 3. Users can also access content on the Content Collection menu, where all the audio-visual content found on different devices are displayed on a single list.

With the VAIO Media Plus application, the Sony VAIO laptop can act both as a server and a player. Servers are devices that can send audio-visual information, while players are devices that receive the audio-visual content.