VAIO Media Integrated Server 5.0.03

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

VAIO Media Integrated Server is a network hosting utility designed by Sony and released on December 2010. This program is especially developed to work with Sony VAIO laptops and systems. The VAIO Media Integrated Server allows users to share a variety of media including audio, video, and graphic files over a home network.

VAIO Media Integrated Server is a Windows Utility, which offers network hosting functionality for documents and other files. For each installed copy of the VAIO Media Integrated Server, users may connect five computers or more to the media server, as per the license agreement. Users may also connect not just computers but any portable device like phones and tablets, among others. Users may also connect game consoles to the VAIO Media Integrated Server, including a PS3 device. By connecting to the VAIO Media Integrated Server, these computers and devices are connected as a network. The Media Server then acts as a multimedia network host. VAIO Media Integrated Server supports all media file types and formats. Connected devices may access the VAIO Media Integrated Server graphical user interface individually.

VAIO Media Integrated Server also features iTunes functionality. Music playlists created in iTunes may be uploaded to the media server. These uploaded iTunes playlists are then made available for other connected devices to access remotely.