VAIO Control Center

Sony Corporation (Bundled)

VAIO Control Center is an application that is used to control power settings of Sony Laptops. The application is used to monitor the laptop battery whenever it is nearly has no power. This feature also includes battery charge limiter which prevents over charging of battery when left unplugged in the outlet for a long period of time. The light of the keyboard can be adjusted according to one’s preference. The light can be turned on during nighttime and can be turned off during day time.

The program can be downloaded in the main website of Sony under technical support section. Take note the download directory where the installer of the program is located. Once downloading is done, open the file directory, then run the installer by double clicking the icon with a file name of SOAVCC-13988600-US.EXE. It is advisable to close all running programs to prevent interference in the system during the installation process. The taskbar should be clean from other applications. Before installation, users are prompted to agree with the License Agreement of Sony. If the user agrees, the process will move to the next phase until it completes installation. To update the system registry, users should reboot the computer to access the installed program.