VAG-Scope 1.9e

Ross-Tech/Eric Maurier/Rich Herzog (Freeware)

VAG-Scope, or simply VC-Scope, is a graphing and virtual meter plug-in application for the VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS) program. It can be used in two different ways. It can display live data while still connected to a car by starting the program or it can display data formerly logged with VAG-COM Diagnostic System by launching VC-Scope manually in stand-alone mode and opening a VCDS Log file. However, these two functions cannot be performed at the same time. VCDS will not work if the VC-Scope is currently running and vice versa.

Different items can be included in the graph. These items are found in the program’s display field. Users have the option to choose which items are included in the vertical scaling. This is done by checking the boxes next to the selected items. There’s also an option to customize the Min and Max values in the Vertical Scale. The program will remember the values of the scale for a certain control module by part number. Changing the colors of the graph’s grid, background and lines is possible through the Preferences dialog. This can be accessed by clicking the program’s icon found on the top left portion of the program’s main screen. It is also possible to set the default scaling values through the Preferences dialog. These scaling values are based on the values that the VCDS sends.

VAG-Scope can also display gauges. This can be done by right-clicking the small color box next to the item. The program can display as many gauges as there are line graphs. The gauges can be resized and repositions. There are also several options for the gauges.