Ross-Tech, LLC (Shareware)

VAG-COM, more commonly known VCDS (VAG-COM Diagnostic System), is an adjustment and diagnostics tool for Volkswagen Group vehicles. This includes their Audi cars, Škoda, and SEAT. VCDS is developed by Ross-Tech, LLC and is initially released on May 2000. The program performs majority of the functions found in electronic diagnostic tools. It can be used for diagnosing problems as well as timing the diesel ignition. It can also modify different convenience options such as coding a replacement key or electronic control unit. Monitoring vehicle sensors to help diagnose a problem is also possible using this program.

VCDS offer six different buttons for performing different tasks. There is the Auto Scan button that is used for retrieving the controller information such as Component number, Part numbers, Fault codes and more. The Select button is also available for selecting the Controllers or Control Modules you want to work with. Control Modules are the different computers found in the car. This includes the Engine, ABS Brakes, Auto Trans, Auto HVAC and more. VCDS can be used for resetting the car’s Service Reminder as well. This can be done using the SRI Reset function. The program also offers the OBD-II functionality, which is used for accessing the OBD-II function of supported vehicles such as the VW, SEAT, Audio, and Škoda. There is also the Applications functionality that consists of different handy functions such as Erase All DTCs, Gateway Installation List, Email Today’s Debug/Log Files and more. The last button, Options button, offers different configuration settings for the program including User Interface and Identification, Reduce CPU Usage, Protocol Options and more.