Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands

Spintop Games (Shareware)

Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands is a hidden object adventure game developed by the company, Spintop Games and published by PopCap Games. It features a tropical theme set in Hawaii, wherein a number of travelers have left their vacation destinations in a state of complete disorder. It is the player’s job to find specific items in these topsy-turvy locations within a time limit. There are 28 island scenes that the player can explore, each of which comes with a list of hidden objects. The player can also choose from among 9 different landscapes, which showcase various Hawaiian sceneries.

Every area presents the option to find three shells, which reward the player with extra vacation days – more days mean more time to find the hidden objects. In addition, finding all shells also unlocks 7 new locations. Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands also offers several mini-games, which the player can get into at any point during the game. There are match-3 bonus games as well that enable the player to earn more points. To help the player find the misplaced items and determine whether s/he should continue searching in a particular location, a few hints are provided for free. The game can be played in Vacation mode or Timed mode, and getting a perfect score comes with huge bonus points.