V1 Home 2.0 application

Interactive Frontiers, Inc. (Freeware)

V1 Home 2.0 application is specifically designed to analyze sports-related movements. Users who have video files of themselves or other sports enthusiasts performing sports-specific moves in tennis, golf, or martial arts can employ the features of this application in determining areas of improvement. This utility makes use of motion analysis technology to provide feedback on a person’s performance in the sport of choice. Based on the information provided, the necessary changes can be made with the objective of attaining better performance. This program is applicable to any sport.

This application is an advanced sports analysis program that does not require special computing skills to operate. All the analysis is performed by the program and all the user has to do is to provide the video file. V1 Home 2.0 application by Interactive Frontiers, Inc. supports videos in analog and digital formats. Interactive Frontiers, the developer of V1 Home 2.0 application is known for digital technologies geared toward enhancing human performance.

In using this program, the recorded performance is transmitted to a professional instructor via Internet connection. A video playback window is available for viewing of the output. With this kind of feedback, improvements in sports performance is guaranteed if the athlete works on improving the areas identified with dedication and resolve.