uWatchIt is an application used to record and view a number of IP cameras connected to a specific network. Specific sites can be monitored remotely and round-the clock, and images can be viewed in real-time. Continuous recording is also done for archive purposes. A Motion Sensing mechanism is made use of for recording to take place only when movements are detected for easy inspection and low usage of disk space. The application can be configured for users to be advised of events via an FTP or through email.

Users can control camera modes individually or completely. Trigger levels can be adjusted. Specific times can be recorded before or after motion is detected.  Stored recordings are in MPEG format which can be configured by users with regards to video codec. Encoding can also be highly compressed (such as in Xvid) or uncompressed. Logged and recorded events are equipped with information such as location of motion and motion’s time index. Thumbnail snapshots are also provided. Users can access time indexes in video files by clicking on events’ thumbnail images. Cameras having tilt and pan capabilities can be used with the program. uWatchIt is beneficial in home, business, and real estate environments, as well as remodeling and construction sites.