uTorrent Portable 2.2 (Erik Pilsits) (Freeware)

uTorrent Portable is the standard version of BitTorrent with most of its features present. It shares a similar interface and features to the standard version. These features include scheduling, bandwidth prioritization, RSS automatic downloading, and Mainline DHT. The program supports Protocol Encryption joint specification and peer exchange. It also lets the user download files while doing other activities on the computer.

uTorrent likewise has various areas to track down active torrents list, has the ability to check wide-ranging data for all the files, and lets the user define the labels in organizing the downloaded data. It has support for localization and can switch to user-preferred language with the present language file. Adding and editing existing translations for improvement can be done, too. The user can also replace icons and toolbar graphics. It can also download additional files during setup.

The user can look for new torrents in the search field (right hand corner) on the interface. Likewise, it can utilize the RSS reader to collect their data from known torrent sites. The program is lightweight and customizable to simplify and automate downloading. By default, the files are downloaded to a specified folder, but this can be changed following the user’s choice. Downloading directly to a flash drive can slow down other portable applications.