uTorrent Download Thruster 2.8.0

Download Thruster LLC (Freeware)

uTorrent Download Thruster is an application that allows users to boost the download speed of the torrent client uTorrent. The program does not need to be configured, which makes it easy to use by novice computer users. After installation, the application automatically changes the settings of the program in order to optimize uTorrent’s speed and bandwidth allocation. It also accesses more sources for the chosen download file, so downloading will be faster.

uTorrent Download Thruster has a simple and straightforward interface. There are two main buttons on the screen – uTorrent Started and Quit. There is also a drop-down menu beside the Network Interface where users can choose the correct option. Underneath the Settings window is another windows called Statistics. This window shows a line graph of the download and upload speeds. The application is capable of saving the last used settings, so that the same settings are used the next time the program is launched on the computer.

Here are the other features of the uTorrent Download Thruster application:

• support for pausing a download and resuming it at a later time
• gets rid of invalid files and torrents that have already been downloaded
• support for searching at intervals set by the user