Utilu IE Collection

Utilu (Freeware)

Utilu IE Collection is a development tool developed by Utilu and released on October 2011. This program contains a collection of standalone Internet Explorer versions from v1.0 up to the latest version, 8.0. It includes 13 versions of IE. Internet Explorer is the native browser for the Microsoft Operating System. This is highly useful for software and program developers to test their projects’ compatibility with several Internet Explorer versions. This ensures that their programs will work on whatever version of Internet Explorer the end-users have installed. The program allows users to open multiple instances of the Internet Explorer in different versions simultaneously. Supported Microsoft operating systems include Windows 98 up to Windows 7. This program also features compatibility with both 32-bit versions and 64-bit versions.

Utilu IE Collection also includes the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. This toolbar enables developers to troubleshoot the issues on their websites using tools specifically designed for the purpose. However, compatibility is only from IE version 5 up to the latest version. It also works only with operating system versions from Microsoft 2000 and higher. The browser collection also comes with the Firebug Development Extension specifically designed for the Internet Explorer. This development extension provides more development tools for any software and program developer.