USRobotics Camera Manager

USRobotics (Bundled)

USRobotics Camera Manager is the driver for the USRobotics Mini Cam. With this tool, users can set up their cameras to take still images and motion video clips. The camera manager driver also sets up the camera for use in telecommunication and videoconferencing applications, such as Skype. This driver provides users with menus that enable them to determine the appearance of the output files and where these will be saved in the computer after recording. The menus are as follows:

• File – this menu contains the Picture Settings that pertain to still photos. In this menu, users can change and specify the directory where the photos will be stored, and in what format they will be saved. Photos can be saved as BMP, JPEG, and PNG. In this menu, users can also turn the camera shutter sound on or off by selecting or deselecting the shutter sound checkbox.
• Video – in this menu, users can specify the maximum number of seconds allowed for video recordings. The video and audio codec settings can also be specified, as well as the directory where the recorded videos will be stored. The image size, format, and frame rate may be specified as well.
• Audio – users can access their sound card’s properties from this menu. Users can change the bass, treble, and other audio aspects.

Once users are finished setting up their web cameras, they can use them for video calls, recording video clips, or taking still photos.