UserBar Generator 2.2

AmitySource (Freeware)

Userbar Generator is an advanced program used in generating unique, custom-made, personal userbars. It is easy-to-use software that does not require highly technical coding and program designing tools. It allows users to create their online userbars without the need of in-depth graphic designing know-how.  Userbar Generator enables users to come up with their own bars, which they can place in forum threads as their own distinctive element. It is capable of producing a variety of userbars such as image bars, text bars, and many more. The program works as standalone software since it also has its own set of editing and designing tools.

Upon running the program, users are then tasked to encode a text that will be displayed within the bar. Color and border options may be applied to the text. Additionally, users may also tweak the background display of the bar either by using a background image or simply applying a color gradient to it. The program is equipped with special effects as well. There are options for pattern, glow effect, 3D display enhancement, and diagonal strips design application. A preview button, which allows users to preview their design after every application of an effect, is conspicuously displayed at the right side of the program's window. After the project has been published, users must click on the download button to download the executable user bar output.