Tangysoft (Proprietary)

UseNeXT is a file sharing client. Users can access and download more than 200 terabytes of music files, videos, movies, games, application, and photos. It also features an international discussion board where users can interact with each other and share files. There are more than 60,000 newsgroups in the discussion board and they cover a wide range of topics. UseNeXT comes with its own browser where users can search and download files. The program has a preview feature that allows users to view or listen to segments of a file before downloading it.

The program is easy to use, since all of the controls are on the main window. A list is present on the left pane of the window. This is the Newsgroups list and users can choose from a range of topics. The download manager contains a list of all the downloaded files. There is also a ‘Free Zone’ section on the program. Users can download files from the free section without decreasing the download limit for the month. All downloaded content can be viewed in coverflow.

Other features of the UseNeXT program include the following:
• Support for multiple servers (8 worldwide server farms)
• Multilanguage support
• Download wizard for beginners
• SSL encryption
• Repair function