UsefulUtils Discs Studio

UsefulUtils TM (Freeware)

UsefulUtils Disc Studio is a program that enables users to write files into optical discs such as a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. This program can be used to burn different files such as photos, files, software, or auto playing audio or video files. UsefulUtils Disc Studio’s main attributes are its portability and compact feature compared to other disc writing programs. UsefulUtils Disc Studio provides features such as support for various device interfaces such as ASPI, SPTI, and SPTD. This program also supports On-the-fly burning, PerformOPC, Overburning, and Test burning, as well as Buffer underrun protection. UsefulUtils Disc Studio can create bootable and multisession discs and is capable of burning multiple disc copies simultaneously using an external mass disc burner. This program provides disc data security by verifying burning information and enables users to create ISO and UDF disc image files. In addition to these, UsefulUtils Disc Studio provides CD-Text support, DVD video and miniDVD disc grabbing, as well as extracting audio tracks from DVD or VCD video files.

UsefulUtils Disc Studio features a simple user interface that contains three main parts. First part is the main control bar located on the upper portion of the program window. This section contains buttons that execute actions in the program. The next part is the file list, which displays the files that will be written in the optical disc. Users can view the files along with information such as the file name, file size, and file location in this section. The last part is the task buttons that allows users to choose between three disc-burning tasks. These buttons include Burn Data CD or DVD, Burn Audio CD, and Burn Video or MiniDVD.