SD Software (Shareware)

UsefulSaver is a computer utility that serves as an alternative to the usual desktop solutions available to modern computer users. This lightweight program has the basic functionalities of desktops utilities plus additional features. For starters, UsefulSaver by SD Software can display RAM and CPU info, disk activity, battery life, and disk space. It also presents the top five processes to the user. In addition, it is designed to shows the length of time that the screensaver has been up and running.

The ScreenWash feature of the UsefulSaver app is an important component in preventing LCD burn-in. This is possible since the screen goes black after a certain time period set, for instance 10 minutes of being idle. When this feature is in effect while the screen is black, it displays the time and the date in four shades of color for the duration of a minute each. After this, the regular screensaver takes effect and then the cycle resumes once more.

The user can customize the font size, font type, and color options when using UsefulSaver. UsefulSaver by SD Software may also be implemented when there are multiple screens. To make use of the available space, this utility offers a photo viewer, which is easy to implement as with the other program functions.
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