USBSafelyRemove 5.1.3

Crystal Rich Ltd (Shareware)

USBSafelyRemove is a utility for safely disconnecting USB devices from the computer. It shows the names of the USB devices connected to the computer and also displays what is preventing the device from being disconnected from the computer. The program also displays icons and device names instead of the general ‘USB mass storage device’ name. The main menu of the software allows users to change the device name and image, hide the device from the menu, and stop all the devices simultaneously.

In instances wherein the USB device cannot be stopped, the application displays the processes that are preventing the USB from being stopped. There is also a ‘Forced Stop’ option so that users can safely remove the device without damaging the files stored inside the device. One of the features of the application is keyboard shortcuts for safe removal. This feature allows users to set a hotkey for stopping the device. The default hotkey combination is Win+S, but this can be changed on the menu. Specific hotkeys can also be set for each device.

USBSafelyRemove has an autorun feature that enables users to back-up the data inside the device before disconnecting it from the computer.

Other features of the application are:
• ‘return device back’ feature
• Power off drives feature (for Vista and Windows 7)
• Manage drive letters