USBGuard Application 6.2

Zbshareware Lab (Shareware)

USBGuard Application  (also called USB Disk Security) is a software that ensures security for USB devices with its anti-spyware and antivirus features.  It is a portable solution that can be used on a number of UDB devices such as flash memories and pen drives. There are no installation requirements to use the program.  It simply has to be run on one’s USB device.

USBs are commonly used since they offer additional and unlimited storage facilities for computers. Most are used to store all sorts of data such as video and audio files, backups, and images. They are also virtually compatible with every computer brand and operating system. However, they render computers vulnerable in terms of malware and other viruses.  USBGuard Application is especially valuable when one works from, or transfers data from one computer to the other. It ensures security and safety for one’s computer, since USB data is ensured to be protected.  The software impedes suspicious viruses and files, providing the user options to simply ignore or delete threats. Moreover, it is advisable to delete threats to prevent infections and hacking from happening to one’s computer.  It is also beneficial to run an antivirus program alongside the application.  The application offers 100% USB drive protection against any suspicious and harmful threats.