USB Flash Security 4.1.6


USB Flash Security is a security utility for mobile devices, which was developed by a company called Kashu System Design. Its main purpose is to ensure that the files stored in lost or stolen mobile devices are completely safe from prying hands. This is done by adding encrypting the files in the external device and adding a password. Users may also choose to add a hint in the event that s/he forgets the password in the future. Once the program is installed and run on the computer, the user can start protecting any external drive attached via USB. All subsequent attempts to access the files inside the external drive will require the entry of a password.

USB Flash Security has a simple and straightforward interface that is laid out in a tabbed format. As soon as flash drive is attached to the computer, the program instantly detects it and asks for a password. Once the user is in, s/he will be able to view all installed disk drives on the computer. Information on each USB flash drive is displayed when the user clicks on it. The program also advises the user to backup all files in the flash drive before securing it.