USB Disk Security

Zbshareware Lab (Shareware)

USB Disk Security is a security program aimed towards USB drives. The program detects malicious programs whenever a USB drive is connected to the computer. It alerts the user of the threat and provides the option to remove it immediately. The program’s interface is divided into six categories -- USB Shield, Protection Status, Data Protection, System Tools, Quarantine, and USB Scan. All the files that are deleted from the USB drive are placed in quarantine. The program also detects all the applications that run on start-up. Users can see if these programs are safe to run.

USB Disk Security has a Safe Open feature. This feature allows users to open and view the contents of a USB stick without running malicious content.

Aside from detecting threats on USB drives, USB Disk Security is also capable of blocking out unauthorized users from accessing important data. There’s also an option to prevent other users from inserting their USB drives on the computer. The options for this can be accessed on the Data Protection button on the program’s interface. This ensures that the computer will be protected from unsafe USB sticks. USB Disk Security works quietly in the background and can work together with other security programs installed in the computer.