USB Disk Ejector

Quick And Easy Software (Open Source)

USB Disk Ejector is a small tool used for ejecting USB drives (memory cards, thumb drives, and Firewire disks) that are connected to the computer. It is an alternative to the Windows safety removal tool. The main interface of the application is made for beginners, but there are also advanced options that are hidden, which can be used by more experienced computer users. The software is fully customizable, too. The position of the program’s window, the hotkeys, and the notifications can be changed. The software also supports command-line operation and users can do tasks like eject a specific drive letter, eject a specific partial drive name, and set a mount point.

The program can be accessed by clicking on its icon on the system tray. When clicked, a pop-up menu will appear showing four settings – About, Options, Eject, and Exit. Under the options window, users can change the general settings, the positioning of windows, eject settings, card readers, and hotkeys. USB Disk Ejector is a portable program. This means that users can save the application into a USB stick and use it with other computers.

Here are the other features of the application:

• Easy to use user interface
• Customizable hotkeys for controlling the software
• Can eject disks that Windows can’t