URLSnooper 2.32.01 (Freeware)

URL Snooper is a download manager tool developed by The program works by searching streaming data URLS and using these URLS to record the selected files. It can find URLs by observing network traffics. The latter can identify potential URLs that stream media files.

The program offers two modes of operation – Simple and Advanced. The Simple Mode provides basic functions. When this mode is used, URL Snooper detects the best network adapter driver that is suitable for the computer’s Internet connection. After finding the best one, it will start searching the network traffic. The user only has to find the website where the desired file is located. After the program finds all the detected URLs, it provides the user the ability to perform all the available actions (i.e. recording files and others). There is also a drag-and-drop support for copying the desired URLs. For more advanced controls, the Advanced Mode is available for users. A valid network adapter is required to utilize the program. Users can also find URLs for hidden streams through the Sniff Network. The program offers various Network Sniffing Options as well. These include clearing the results before starting a new search, removing duplicates searched, scanning only packets, external URL result links, and more. Aside from these, the program also offers Filtering features for narrowing down detected URLs.