Urban Terror

Silicon Ice Development/Frozen Sand, LLC (Proprietary)

Urban Terror is a standalone, first-person, tactical shooter game with multiplayer mode that utilizes the ioquake3 engine. Real world settings, realistic weapons and models, new textures, maps, and sounds, are all contained in the game.

Realistic environments dependent on map that is being played, provide weather effects like snow and rain. Players of the game can engage in superhuman feats and move through game environments quickly, with such activities as power sliding and wall jumping. These activities provide players greater height, speed, and distance. Various game modes include Capture the Flag, Follow the Leader, Bomb & Defuse, Team Survivor, and Team Deathmatch, to name a few. Players may select a limited variety of weapons and equipment which include pistols, Ka-bar knives, grenades, weapon attachments, and Kevlar helmets, vests, and armors. Damage registration is comprised of four distinct player target areas namely the arms, head, legs, and torso. The game’s stamina system may be depleted by sprinting and jumping and is directly related to the game character’s health,which is specified in the game. Novelties include customization of skins by legacy players and six fresh skin sets. Urban Terror garnered a nomination for Mod of the Year Award by Mod DB in 2007.