Urban Chaos

Mucky Foot Productions (Proprietary)

Urban Chaos is an action-adventure game in the third-person perspective. It tells the story of D’arci Stern, a law enforcement officer who has just joined the Union City Police Department. D’arci is tasked to deal with the Wildcats, a criminal gang. A vigilante who calls himself Roper helps D’arci uncover the Wildcats’ sinister plan of taking over the city. During the course of her investigation, D’arci finds out that the Wildcats is led by a mayoral candidate named Mack Bane. With the help of Roper and the police department, D’arci foils the gang’s attempt to take over Union City.

Later on in the game as D’arci is investigating a murder case, she finds out that the homicide was committed by the bodyguards of Bane. D’arci and Roper arrest Bane, but this does not stop him from directing the Wildcats into causing trouble in the city. He eventually escapes prison and claims that he is actually a warlock. Bane then makes use of his powers to summon a creature to destroy Union City. Together with Roper, players must control D’arci so she can stop the destruction and ultimately destroy the Wildcats and Bane himself. To do so, players are given melee weapons in addition to their hand-to-hand combat fighting skills.