Uplink Demo 1.55

Introversion Software (Shareware)

Uplink Demo is a simulator video game that is essentially a cinematic representation of computer hacking. The story is set in the year 2010. The player assumes the role of a hacker for the Uplink Corporation, a company that employs hackers from all parts of the world. Uplink offers aspiring hackers the chance to employ their skills in a stylized and challenging computer game wherein they can hone skills that they can use in real-life situations.

The game is similar in style to Hollywood movies such as WarGames, Sneaker, Swordfish, and Hackers. Numerous references to these movies can be found throughout the different stages of the game. Uplink Demo offers players close to real life situations encountered by computer hackers. Uplink Demo by Introversion Software from the United Kingdom was released in 2001.

Uplink Demo begins with the player receiving an email from a top ranking Uplink agent recently deceased. The email provides details about the plans of the Andromeda Organization and the virus known as Revelation that it has created to destroy the Internet. Arunmor, another company develops a counter virus to destroy Revelation. The player can choose to work for either side, or the player can choose a third, which is to play the game as a freelance hacker instead.