Unzbin 2.6.8 (Shareware)

Unzbin is a compact but capable Usenet nzb multi-purpose downloader. Its main functions include downloading, decoding, repairing, and unpacking nzb files. As an advanced nzb utility, the application supports multiple downloads without compromising multiple file download speed. Unzbin is designed to automatically decode messages through its full yEnc support facility. Furthermore, it processes file verifications instantaneously and does automatic unpacking of a file or a string of files.  It is capable of supporting SSL, thus, providing unlimited usenet access to a range of binary files from a tiny image file to a terabyte-sized usenet binary.

Unzbin has integrated nntp support that enables efficient functionality. This feature is also responsible for the repair and decoding of incomplete binaries. Additionally, the application is built to process and unpack all known types of archives to date. It allows users to preview any data type, such as an image or video file, and also supports live streaming of audio formats. By default, it readily manages .nzb files and .nfo files. The application ensures download quality by detecting any missing article from the server and retrieves one using other more stable servers. Finally, it comes with triple data encryption system that runs on cryptographically patterned algorithms.