Unreal Tournament

Epica Games (Proprietary)

Unreal Tournament is a first-person shooter game developer by Epic Games. It is the first part in the Unreal Tournament series. It is also commonly called Unreal Tournament 99. The game uses a different engine from the original Unreal series. The plot deals with the fight between factions. The tournament is held as a competition between factions of convicts. The player becomes a part of the faction during the game. The battles are set in more than 35 arenas.

In singe player mode, the player fights with AI-controlled opponents. The player acts as a commander of robot soldiers. The player has the option to configure the bots. The player also has the capacity to choose the skill level of the bot. The highest skill level is Godlike. The player has the option to match the bot’s skills according the player’s performance. In the multiplayer mode, the player fights against human opponents. The bots still serve as the teammate of the players.

There are different game modes that the player can choose from. These modes include:
• Deathmatch- a player vs. player combat. In team deathmatch, the player will guide a team of bots. The mission is to defeat the opposing team.
• Capture the Flag- the player needs to capture the flag of the opponent. The player then needs to place the flag in the base. The player also has to defend the base.
• Domination- the team needs to control the territory to earn points.
• Last Man Standing- the player needs to stay alive longer than the opponents. The points will be determined on the number of deaths. The player’s goal is to remain as the sole survivor.
• Assault- this will be played by two teams. Teams must attack the base of opponents. The other team’s goal is to defend the base.