Unreal II

Legend Entertainment (Proprietary)

Unreal II, subtitled The Awakening, is the second installment in the Unreal series of first-person shooter games. It was developed for Windows and Xbox users. It has a multiplayer expansion called eXpanded MultiPlayer with one game mode. In this game, players control the protagonist named John Dalton. Dalton was once a member of the US Marines but he was court-martialed when he saved the life of a civilian instead of obeying a direct order from his commanding officer: to leave the civilian behind to die. Dalton was relocated to the Terran Colonial Authority and serve as a Marshal there. Among his duties are to patrol the remote areas of space.

Dalton is called back into service and given a mission to retrieve pieces of an ancient artifact. It was believed that, when assembled, the seven pieces would form a powerful weapon. Players control Dalton as he goes on his quest for the missing pieces. Players go from planet to planet on a space ship. Along the way, they will have to solve puzzles and find keys that take them closer to their goal. The destination planets have diverse environments, such as a desert, a tropical area, an industrial setting, military bunkers, and alien cities. Players must defend themselves against enemies. There are more than 24 enemies in the game.