Unreal Gold

Epic Games (Proprietary)

Unreal Gold is a gaming pack that contains the Unreal game and its subsequent mission pack called Return to Na Pali. This is a first-person shooting game. Users play as the character Prisoner 849 who is aboard the spaceship called Vortex Rikers en route to a prison moon. On the way there, however, the craft crash-lands on an uncharted planet called Na Pali, known to be inhabited by a race of humanoids. The humanoids are conquered by another humanoid race, whose troops proceed to board the downed spacecraft and kill the survivors. Only Prisoner 849 is able to escape.

Prisoner 849’s survival depends on the player’s cunning and quick thinking. Throughout the game, the player will learn more about the story of Na Pali’s inhabitants and how to outsmart enemy troops and engage them in combat. Prisoner 849 will explore the planet’s nooks and crannies and discover another crashed spaceship, temples, and Tarydium mines, all while seeking for a way to escape the planet.

There are three game modes in Unreal Gold: single-player, multiplayer, and co-op. The game lets users play in over 47 single-player missions and in 20 multiplayer levels. Players will have access to over 13 weapons and will get to interact with different characters, including enemies running on AI technology and the Na Pali queen. The different weapons have various kinds of firepower and some of them may be upgraded.