Unreal 2 – The Awakening

Legend Entertainment (Proprietary)

Unreal II: The Awakening is a shooter video game that was first released in 2003. In the game, players control a character named John Dalton, a former marine turned marshal who must guard remote locations. Dalton is then called to a mission in order to get 7 ancient artifacts that creates a destructive weapon when put together. Players must visit different planets in order to search for these artifacts. Goals of the player include looking for keys, solving puzzles, and collecting the artifacts.

Each location in the game is different from the other. There are industrial locations, deserts, tropical environments, and unusual cities. The players gets different missions to complete in order to progress to the next location. Often, these missions involve killing off enemies. The game also features different factions. Some of them are the following:

• Izanagi Corporation – The Izanagi Corporation is a Japanese entity that deals with getting the 7 artifacts to use for their benefit. The corporation makes use of an army called the Ghost Warriors.
• Liandri Corporation – This corporation wants the artifacts to place them in a good position when in war with the Terran Colonial Authority. The corporation makes use of an army called the Liandri Angels, a group of ruthless women.
• Terran Colonial Authority – The Terran Colonial Authority, also called the TCA, is a group that keeps the peace in space.