Unlocker Portable 1.9.1 (Freeware)

Unlocker Portable is a utility program that enables users to delete files that cannot be deleted normally. This program bypasses system applications that prevent users from deleting certain files in their computer. Deleting these files using the normal deleting process would prompt an error message that prevents the user from deleting files. The files are often the products of sharing violation between user accounts.

Unlocker Portable is small, lightweight, and only requires a simple installation with very little need for user configuration. This program is free and is readily available for download in the Internet. Upon install, Unlocker Portable works instantly to assist users in deleting stubborn files and folders. The program features a clean and simple interface. Unlocker Portable’s display window has a program list that shows the selected file for deletion and command buttons used to execute actions. Users can choose between deleting, renaming, copying, or moving it to another location. Other commands include the Kill Process button, Unlock, Unlock All, and Quit. Unlocker Portable enables users to manage multiple files at a time. This program can easily accessed by clicking the program icon in the system tray or by right clicking the file then selecting “Unlocker” from the quick menu.