Unknown Devices (UKD)

Halfdone Development (Freeware)

Unknown Devices is an application that is used to display unknown hard drives in the device manager of PC. The program is limited to search for AGP or PCI devices which excludes PMCCIA cards, USB, SCSI and other drives. The application enables users to extract important information from the system by displaying different hardware in the computer. The Unknown Device tool can also help users to search drivers for computer hardware.  The developer also provided shortcut keys to do basic commands in the program. Users can press F3 to browse the internet with the current selected text. Pressing F2 key will enable users to copy selected items to the clip board. After extracting data from the computer, users can contact the hardware manufacturer whenever there is technical issue or troubleshooting.

The application supports different windows formats like windows 2003, Me and XP. The beta version supports windows vista. In this version, additional features are added. Users can see available hardware for chipset and product key. The searching process is faster than the previous version. To run the program from a specific location, it requires a storage device such as CD or floppy disk. The application can be used even by novice computer users.