Unknown Device Identifier 8.0

Huntersoft (Freeware)

Unknown Device Identifier is a program developed by Huntersoft for identifying the Unknown Devices detected by the computer. These unknown devices are those with the yellow question marks found in Windows Device Manager. This application provides a detailed summary of the device’s OEM name, device model, manufacturer’s name and device type. It can also identify the exact name of the device/s.  After launching the program, it will automatically scan the system. All the drivers found in the system will be displayed in list view. This includes both known and unknown devices. Unidentified devices will have the label “Unknown Device”.

Each detected device includes the driver of the device and other important details about the device including Vendor, PnP ID and Chip Vendor (if applicable). Right-clicking any of the provided details will bring a menu listing of the program’s functions. This includes Backup Driver, Find Driver, Save to File, Contact Vendor and Send to Printer. The Backup Driver is linked to Huntersoft’s download page of backup software. Clicking the Find Driver menu will open a Google search of the unknown device’s driver while clicking the Contact Vendor menu will open the manufacturer’s official website. The other two functions – Save to File and Send to Printer – allow users to save the details of the device or print it directly. Aside from these, Unknown Device Identifier also offers language and update options.