Universe 1.63

Diard Software (Shareware)

Universe Image Creator is an imaging application that lets users create realistic images of deep space with stars, galaxies, and planets. Upon installation, users can simply click on the option to create a New World. There are numerous starry backgrounds to choose from, from star clusters to nebulas. This application not only lets users add moons and planets but also insterstellar gas and galaxies to their universe. The created image is saved as a JPG or a BMP file.

One of the key features of the application is its option to customize planets. There are three planet styles available: Venus, Earth, and Moon. Each of the planet styles has a button on the program toolbar. When clicked, the application will display a set of parameters that let users modify the appearance of a particular planet. The properties may be adjusted so users can indicate the brightness, intensity, colors, and density of their planetary objects. There are also options to add a lens flare to images and make planets cast shadows. Users can also add a vortex around a planet. The added galaxies can also be edited and rotated in different directions.

There is a Universe Image Creator plug-in available so users can create their universe from another imaging program that has plug-in support.