Universal Viewer

UVViewSoft (Proprietary)

Universal Viewer is a file-viewer utility developed by UVViewSoft and the latest version released in November 2012. Universal Viewer allows users to view files from a variety of file formats. Universal Viewer supports image viewing of various file formats including JPEG, BMP, PSD, and even camera RAW formats. Universal Viewer supports multimedia viewing including video file formats like AVI, MP4, and FLV, and audio file formats like MP3 and WMA. It also supports common document file types like Word, Excel, and RTF. Universal Viewer also supports Adobe file formats like PDF, XPS, CBR, and CBZ even without Adobe installed in the system. For unknown file formats, Universal Viewer enables text viewing even for large file sizes. Internet Explorer file types like HTML and CML are likewise supported.

Universal Viewer user interface consists of a generic menu and toolbar options. However, users may customize the interface by adding buttons for the toolbars. To view a file, Universal Viewer supports Browse and select option. By means of Universal Viewer View menu, users can switch from one file to another even though they are of different file format. There is an option to copy, print and save files that are open in the View window. Universal Viewer also offers zoom in and zoom out options, as well as full screen view. Universal Viewer also features a built-in help guide to assist first time users.