Universal Shield 4.7

Everstrike Software (Shareware)

Universal Shield is a system utility that aims to secure users’ data from hackers without affecting system performance. It works by hiding files, folders, and even entire drives so malicious applications, which can sneak from downloads or from the network, and even unauthorized users will not be able to access them without supplying a password. Even if the drive is removed on the original computer and transferred to another, the software will still prevent access to it. The software is designed in a way that the intruder will not notice that anything is hidden. It can also limit access to the Control Panel, My Documents, and the system’s time.

Universal Shield makes use of a wizard that supports setting restrictions on personal settings, managing protection detail for files, folder and drives, expert process on how files, folders and drives will be hidden and procedure on data encryption. Other key features include the following:
• Data encryption of files and folders
• Automatically activates protection when the computer becomes idle
• Retained protection even if the computer is running on safe mode (only critical functions are activated)
• User discretion on the processes which can override the protection
• Installing and removing the software will require password.