Universal Password Manager

Adrian Smith (Open Source)

Universal Password Manager, often abbreviated to UPM, is an application that allows users to manage all their passwords for different accounts in just one location. It has a simple user interface that is easy to operate, even for those who are not computer savvy. All passwords are encrypted so other users do not have access to them. The user only needs to remember the master password in order to access all their passwords. This eliminates the need to remember different passwords for several online accounts.

The program’s user interface displays a list of sites. Users can add new passwords by clicking on the New Database option. Users can then add the account name, user ID, password, URL, and notes. It also comes with a password generator for coming up with strong passwords that are note easily cracked. There are hotkey combinations designated for each task, so users can control the application using only the keyboard. It also has a feature for exporting the password list for the user’s preferences. Additionally, users can import all their accounts and passwords from an existing database. Another main feature of the program is database syncing, which allows users to synchronize the password database to different devices and computers.