Universal Combat

Derek Smart (Freeware)

Universal Combat is a space combat simulation game that may be played in either single-player or multiplayer mode. The game provides players with a vast game world; players will be able to experience not only combat but space transport as well. In the aspect of transport, players will be able to be in control of different kinds of spacecraft. Players can land spaceships on planets. To explore the planets, players need to use different kinds of land craft depending on the planet’s terrain and landscape.

The combat aspect of the game becomes evident when players encounter enemies who attempt to board the ship. Players will need to use the spaceship’s features as well as their own weapons in order to defeat the intruders. There are 22 first-person weapons that may be used; players can also disable their spacecraft’s launch control to trap the invaders in and prevent them to escape.

Universal Combat offers players more than 21,000 areas in various planets to explore. There are also nine playable careers, 28 character models, and 22 vehicles that can be driven on land. There are 10 naval units (such as submarines and ships), and 54 spacecrafts, including carriers, fighters, and cruisers. In addition to these, there are 5 planetary gunships that can be used to travel from one planet to another.