Unigine Engine

Unigine Corp. (Proprietary)

Unigine Engine is a 3D engine that is used for gaming and virtual reality systems. The program is capable of delivering realistic graphics (DOF Bokeh effect, shader, cinematic post-processing, etc). The engine also consists of a live physics toolset that consists of different modules for recreating realistic movements. Some of the features of the live physics toolset include collision detection, rag dolls, inverse kinematics, time reverse, and deformable cloths and ropes.

Additionally, game developers can create game worlds with no limits using Unigine Engine. The program has an advanced level of detail system that provides photorealistic details for each of the elements created for the game world. The features for creating game worlds include dynamic data streaming, geomorphic support for hardware tessellation, and smooth connections between outdoor and indoor locations.

Unigine Engine is a complete toolset that consists of fast data converters and compressors, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you play) world editor, performance profilers, etc. Other features of the application are the following:

• Support for 2D and 3D localization
• Support for different game equipment (joysticks, gamepads, and touch screens)
• Offers various viewing modes for optimization of game content
• Instant preview of final project without compiling
• Support for plug-ins