Unifying Software

Logitech, Inc. (Freeware)

Logitech Unifying Software is a utility program used for managing Logitech Devices that requires a Unifying receiver. The Unifying receiver is a wireless device that lets users to connect multiple wireless Logitech devices (mouse and keyboards) to a single computer. This means that unplugging a Unifying device to use other Logitech devices on a desktop/laptop is no longer needed. The receiver supports up to 6 Logitech compatible wireless keyboards and mice. Some of the supported devices include Wireless Mouse M315, Couch Mouse M515, Wireless Trackball M570, Wireless Keyboard K270 and more.

The software offers a wizard and Advanced mode. The Advanced mode can be used for checking the status of the paired devices. It can also be used for checking the firmware version and the battery level of the devices. When pairing a Logitech device, the program guides the user on how to proceed with the task with its step-by-step on-screen procedure. This procedure will test when the newly paired device is detected and ready to be used. The Advanced mode can also be used for configuring and checking for updates. As for configuring updates, users can choose whether to notify the user for updates, download updates automatically, download updates but let user choose when to install the updates.