Unify Karaoke Player

Unify Technologies (Proprietary)

Unify Karaoke Player, as its name implies, is a program that plays recorded music, which users can sing along to. It comes in many versions, depending on the device preferred by the user. The developers provide player setups for desktop PC use, tablets, notebooks, touchscreen monitor karaoke players, players connected to a TV screen, and as a karaoke machine. All of the players are computer-based and with different storage capacities.

One of the key features of this program is its easy search facility that allows users to find songs quickly by title, artist, category, language, and index. It has a built-in file storage space of 500-600 Gb and can store 24,000 DVD songs or up to 150,000 songs in MP4 format. It also has support for different karaoke file formats, such as VCD, MPG, CD+G, and MKV. The application may also be upgraded, which will enable it to play all kinds of media.

Users can add songs from discs or downloaded from the Internet to the Unify Karaoke Player any time. The player also has support for external storage media such as a network storage server or an external drive, so users can import files from there directly into the player. When a song is playing, users can opt to turn the original singer’s vocal track off.