Uniden Surveillance System

Uniden (Proprietary)

The Uniden Surveillance System is a wireless utility that is easy to set up in any environment. This utility is part of a security system with a recording software and also includes a color monitor as well as outdoor (weatherproof) and indoor cameras. This program is useful in keeping an eye on the children as they play on the yard and it adds another level of security such that the property is protected from burglars.

The Uniden Surveillance System can be set up such that regular recordings are taken at specific times of the day so that they may be viewed much later. The Uniden Surveillance System hardware can installed at a strategic location without any difficulty. After installation, the control system can then take over for any minor adjustment needed. The Uniden Surveillance System presents viewers with as many as four camera feeds at any one time (quad view), and all cameras feature full screen view and scan mode. The cameras are also equipped with one microphone each which provides clear auditory input from the surveillance area.

The Uniden Surveillance System has advanced features as well, such as the infrared cut filter for better coloring during day viewing and the night vision feature which provides clear images for a distance of 40 feet. This system allows for the addition of more cameras in order to expand the coverage area.