Unicode Convertor 5

LEO Softwares (Freeware)

Unicode Convertor is a free program used to convert two-way—from Unicode to another format and from one format to Unicode. People who need to transform files and documents in Unicode can employ this handy tool with assurances of accurate results. The output of this program is a full text that is an accurate rendition of the Unicode content. The output is also ready for cut-and-paste maneuvers. This tool has the ability to convert on the fly as well.

For a better idea of the core function of this program, here is an overview of its main function. Unicode Convertor is capable of converting characters in Unicode to their exact decimal and Unicode representations.

Unicode Convertor is an effective tool that performs the following functions and their coverage:
• Capitalization preservation, whenever applicable.
• Pseudo transforms.
• True transforms such as mathematical bold script, mathematical bold, mathematical bold italic, Asian full width, circled, and parenthesized.

After implementing Unicode Convertor the user needs to manipulate the spacebar on the computer keyboard in order to separate the converted values by adding spaces at the right places. There are two available user interfaces For Unicode Convertor. The first one has for Web and another for windows with WPF.