Uniblue PixelPerfect

Uniblue Systems Ltd. (Freeware)

Uniblue PixelPerfect is a photo-editing tool equipped with advanced functions. This is a tool that enables the user to modify and edit photos in a just a few steps. Uniblue PixelPerfect is an easy too to use in importing photographs for editing and afterwards sharing them with friends and family members.

The varied functionality of this image productivity suite enables users to do the following:

• Adjust photo parameters such as color levels and exposure
• Resizing of photographs
• Organizing  photographs
• Secure storage of photographs
• Creation of CD/DVD backup of photo files

Uniblue PixelPerfect is a high performance tool that is versatile in its functionality. It is equipped with an image viewer that is powerful and is designed to access photos from an external device or directly from the computer. If the photograph is attached to an e-mail, this program can access it without the need to open a separate window. It can convert images from one file type to another with a number of options to boot. Uniblue PixelPerfect can also process batches if pictures such that the modifications made take effect in the photo selection.

This program also has a user-friendly and intuitive surface making the powerful multimedia manipulation tools accessible to both amateur and professionals.