Uniblue File Association 2013

Uniblue Systems Ltd. (Freeware)

Uniblue File Association is a feature that is exclusive to Registry Booster, a utility application developed by Uniblue. The application provides its users with comprehensive optimization tools that are aimed at improving the performance of their machines by fixing errors found in the registry. This is achieved y allowing the program to check for errors such as missing system drivers, erroneously traced application paths, and presence of remnants left by uninstalling previous programs from the computer.

Among these features, Uniblue File Association is one of the most used tools involved in fixing registry errors. This particular feature allows users to set the default programs file types. This is particularly essential with users who frequently install and remove various competing programs in their computers on a regular basis. For instance, an audio file may originally be opened with the operating system’s native media player. This means that songs and other audio tracks like audiobooks are “associated” with the default media player.

However, installing a third-party application that also plays music changes the default file associations, which means that a song that is opened from within the file explorer will trigger the third-party program to load, and not the native media player. Uniblue File Association, therefore, fixes this by giving the user the option to set a default program for file types, even when applications are removed from the computer in the process.