Undisker 1.6

Undisker Technologies (Shareware)

Undisker is tool for disk images which can extract, create, and open ISO files. The latter are duplicates or images of CD-ROM disks which contain original CDs’ binary copies. They also are used to store entire CD contents, create CD backup copies, and transfer CDs via the Web. Image files can be created from complete partitions, optical media, and removable drives.

The program’s interface is user-friendly and is the same as that of Internet Explorer. Image files can be extracted by dragging them to the computer desktop. A drag and drop functionality enables users to handle files from disk images such as that of ZIP archives. ISO files normally have to be burned for its contents to be extracted. Using the application, ISO files may be easily opened. Files can easily be viewed by way of double-clicking on them. Floppy diskettes which are considered to be non-standard can also be copied. UDF file systems are also supported. Data from disk images which have been damaged can also be recovered. It is also able to unlock keys. Other images that can be unlocked using the application include images from WinImage floppy disks, and images from HDCopy Pro’s hard disks. The application takes up a small amount of a hard disk’s space. The program has a system that is automatically updated.