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Undelete Plus™ is a recovery application that allows users to recover different types of files, such as emails, documents, music, videos, and photos and images. The program supports recovery from the Recycle Bin, partitioned drives, and reformatted systems. Additionally, it supports recovery from different locations like external storage devices, memory cards, and USB thumb drives.

The program has a simple and intuitive interface. On the left panel, users can view the File Types, Folders, and Drives available for scanning. A big part of the window is divided into two sections. The upper portion displays all of the detected files that can be recovered, while the lower part of the window shows the status of the program. When retrieving a file, users just need to click on the green “Start Scan” button that can be seen on the upper left side of the window. Beside the green button is a blue “Recover File” button. Users can also set filters when looking for a specific type of file. Some of the information that can be provided includes the name of the file, when it was modified, and how big the file is.

All files detected by the application can be seen as a list on the upper window. Users can retrieve the file by clicking beside the checkbox and clicking the “Recover File” button to get the file back.