Undead Pixel 2 2.2

UDPixel (Freeware)

UndeadPixel 2 is a desktop application that fixes dead pixels on a screen. It displays the dead pixels on the screen by turning the background color into a different color. Changing the color of the background enables the user to determine where the dead pixels are. The color can be changed into the colors red, green, blue, while, yellow, and black. Dead pixels are fixed by changing their color into different r colors quickly and in succession. There is also an option to change the flash interval. The option to change the size of the flash is provided as well. The flashing colors indicate that the pixel's color is being changed in succession. The user can set the number of hours for the process to last. It can be set up in the Windows Task Manager. When the pixel has been fixed, the program stops.

UndeadPixel can run in the background. This means the computer can still perform other applications, such as Internet browsing or document writing while the program is still running. While the program is running (and the pixel currently "flashing",) the user can move the pixel from one spot to another. This is relevant if the user wants to see the program running while still working on another window.